About Us

Chinmaya Mahapatra


The Pharma clinical established its place in the media scene of india on September 2017. It started its journey with a sense of challenge and a feeling of humility to serve this nation as a truly independent newspaper. Starting from small beginnings in 2017 , The pharma clinical  has become the most respected  monthly English  health newspaper of odisha over the years.

Presently the Internet edition is the most widely browsed Web page by the Indian  nationals living abroad and it is frequently quoted in national and international journals, seminars, research papers as the most trusted and authentic source of news.

The newspaper  made its debut at a historic time when the state odisha and our country needs a exclusive media house to promote health activity.


The Pharma Clinical carries on with the long-term responsibility is to strengthen public opinion on how the health  system should work and how to sustain and nurture health systems in odisha as well as in the country effectively..


The uniqueness of The Pharma clinical  lies in its non-partisan position, in the freedom it enjoys from any influence of political parties or vested groups. Its strength is in taking position of neutrality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of positions held by any group or alliance.

The paper believes to report events objectively, as it is, and without any fear and favour. It is committed to serve the people. That’s why people — whether in power or in opposition — respect The Pharma clinical.

The pharma clinical  advocates rule of law, human rights, gender issues, national interests, press freedom, transparency and accountability of people in the administration and in the world of trade and industry on which the newspaper has never compromised whatever the costs. No political powers can take it for granted and no-one is given cause to doubt its fairness.

The pharma clinical always maintains utmost sincerity and accountability to serve the nation the way it is bound by its norms and values.

Besides running news reports on these issues, The pharma clinical  carries special reports, human-interest stories, features, articles and essays written by its staffs and other health professionals and talents from across the country and abroad.

During different national crises, the newspaper played an important role to solve those to stop people’s sufferings. As it remain alert of its social duties, The pharma clinical  frequently organises roundtables, seminars and discussions on the issues. It also works closely with the civil society for this end.

To promote young talents, The pharma clinical  organises debates and different competitions at school and college-levels and awards those who show excellence in different fields. Pharma clinical is approved under DAVP and recently assigned ISSN number for the print version.


The newspaper is run a Board of Directors comprising seven members. Head of the body is called Chairman while other members Directors.

The Board of Directors only deals with income and investment of the newspaper but have nothing to do with policymaking.

The responsibility of policymaking lies with the Editor who is also one of the Directors.


The Editor who is also the Publisher and printer of the newspaper leads the news, reporting and editorial units. He is assisted by an associate editor and assistant editors.

An editorial board comprising the associate editor and assistant editors are responsible for writing editorials under the supervision of the Editor.

The associate editor is responsible for assisting the Editor in leading the all the units and works as acting editor in absence of the Editor. The assistant editors are responsible for writing editorials in line with the instruction of the Editor.

They also write and collect post-editorials from other writers and looks after the editorial and post-editorial pages. It is also their responsibility to look after the features and articles and make-up the pages.

The management of the newspaper is headed by the Managing Editor. He is responsible for supervising the whole management including the accounts, production, store and establishment units.